Chromebook End of Life Management

2NDGEAR’s Chromebook Lifecycle as a Service (CLaaS) helps schools with acquiring, managing, financing - all the way to Chromebook end of life management. Each aspect takes time and can incur heavy costs. Through CLaaS, we take on the challenges of Chromebook lifecycle management and provide an all-encompassing program with a simplified monthly payment based on the number of managed Chromebook devices.

Chromebook Lifecycle Services

From procurement to retirement, 2NDGEAR’s CLaaS scope of services give schools the power and control in selecting what’s needed to successfully manage their devices. Available services include:

  • Asset tagging
  • Chrome registration & Google licensing
  • OEM warranty management & break-fix
  • On-site installation & deployment
  • Asset tracking & management
  • Accidental drop protection
  • Data destruction
  • Chromebook end of life return logistics
  • Legacy Device Buyback Program

Why Chromebook Lifecycle as a Service?

CLaaS not only maximizes IT assets and resources by creating one solution, from one provider, but it also allows schools to:

  • Free up IT resources to focus on other remote learning initiatives
  • Build a predictable IT budget and refresh cycle
  • Access state-of-the-art technology
  • Scale device deployment with district needs
  • Create a seamless teacher and student experience
  • Provide an increased security posture
  • Ease Chromebook end of life management – support for retiring or disposing

Control Your Devices with AMOS’ Instant Visibility

2NDGEAR’s CLaaS includes complimentary access to our propriety asset management software, AMOS, an all-in-one solution for lease and asset management. Schools can easily see their entire inventory of devices and assets, all while being able to view specifics like lease agreements, asset details, reports, and more.

Control Your Devices with AMOS’ Instant Visibility

Manage Your Chromebook End of Life with CLaaS

Chromebooks have become a standard in the educational space and its popularity shows as usage continues to increase year over year. With the influx of Chromebooks consumption, comes the need for Chromebook end of life management. So how do schools handle waves of hundreds to thousands of Chromebooks nearing their retirement?

Read our blog here on how 2NDGEAR’s CLaaS can alleviate the common problems when approaching Chromebook end of life.

Manage Your Chromebook End of Life with CLaaS


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