Refurbished Computers and IT Hardware for Schools

School districts are faced with highly restrictive budgets, so refurbished computer hardware has proven to be a game-changer. With options to acquire both new and refurbished hardware, hands-on educators and students have seamless access to all the tools they need to teach, learn, and engage in a safe and organized ecosystem.

Evolving a classroom though technology drives a better learning environment. For 30 years, 2NDGEAR has helped educators from around the country choose the best technology solutions that fit their budgets. 2NDGEAR offers full 'white glove service’ along with leasing and financing options to help schools acquire what they need today, cost-effectively.

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Flexible IT Services and Solutions

2NDGEAR provides many solutions and services that can be tailored to your institution's needs for in-person, remote learning, and connectivity.

  • Device Lifecycle Management (DLM)
  • Asset Tracking, Management, and Liquidation
  • Chromebook White Glove and Lifecycle Management
  • Data Destruction
  • Hardware Imaging
  • Cybersecurity
  • Warranty Programs
  • Help Desk Staffing
  • On-Site Installation and Deployment
  • Leasing and Financing

Refurbished vs Used

“Used” refers to equipment that may have been bought, used, and sold after usage without any warranty, certification, or reputable company to back up the purchase.

2NDGEAR does not deal with used, but specializes in refurbished equipment that guarantees you a lower cost of ownership, peace of mind, responsive customer service and a wide range of IT services throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

Refurbished vs Used

2NDGEAR Expertise

Since 1987, 2NDGEAR has worked with over 3,500 schools to support their technological needs. When you work with 2NDGEAR, have peace of mind with full IT lifecycle support, which means a complete, end-to-end solution for your institution. You will also have access to certified technicians and engineers, a personal account representative, and a nationwide network of today’s trusted brand name partners.

2NDGEAR Expertise



Technology & Refurbishment Center

Our Technology & Refurbishment Center, located in Albuquerque, NM, is the hub for our Device Lifecycle Management services as well as where computers are given a second life. It is here in our 37,000 square foot facility where well over 40,000 computers safely and professionally get refurbished to include Windows 10 Certificate of Authenticity, meeting the criteria to proudly become a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

Our Trusted Brands