2NDGEAR is a trusted provider and reseller of refurbished Dell IT solutions. Used Dell equipment comes to our US-based technology center where each unit goes through a thorough refurbishing process including audits, data wiping, cleaning, and testing to ensure it’s brought back to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

We understand the demand of reliable and secure technology our customers need to operate their organizations. Whether it’s Chromebooks for a student environment or servers in a data center for business operations, 2NDGEAR provides a deep breadth of refurbished Dell technology so that our customers get the right solutions they need.

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With our IT Services, we make running your organization easier when you purchase Dell. With our full spectrum of services, such as full and part-time IT help desk staffing, comprehensive IT lifecycle management, IT asset liquidation, and IT leasing services, we’ll support you all the way through from implementation to end-of-life . 2NDGEAR is also contracted with various purchasing cooperatives throughout the U.S. and is an E-rate Service Provider.