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The super-sized HP 24-inch Widescreen Display Refurbished Monitor offers premier performance and connectivity features in an elegant 24-inch diagonal wide-aspect screen engineered for power users, designers and workstation users who appreciate expansive widescreen presentation of their graphics, video, and data projects.

See vivid imagery from almost any angle. The 21.5" Dell Wide Monitor monitor with LED offers a brilliant view, rich colors and adjustable height options. Perfect for movies or playing games with vivid colors and extraordinary detail. 

Enjoy cinema-quality full HD resolution from your PC with the stylishly designed 22-inch Dell display widescreen refurbished monitor, enabling you to watch movies at the resolution the filmmakers intended, with rich, vibrant colors and unbelievable detail. 

You can experience lively images in a stunning widescreen format with the HP 19-inch flat-panel refurbished monitor. Whether you are gaming, using photo and video editing software, or even navigating the web, the refurbished monitor's high resolution and superb contrast ratio provide clarity and depth.

Whether you are gaming, using photo and video editing software, or even navigating the web, the HP 20-inch Wide Display Refurbished Monitor's resolution and contrast ratio provide clarity and depth.

Just like the 24-Inch LED Cinema Display before it, the 27-Inch LED Cinema Display was designed as an "ideal companion" for MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models as well as desktop Macs with a Mini DisplayPort.

The HP 27-inch Widescreen LED-Backlit IPS Refurbished Monitor diagonal IPS screen has an anti-glare monitor that can be placed anywhere in the room. The widescreen refurbished monitor is perfect for viewing 2 documents side by side or for watching movies,high resolution allows you to enjoy excellent image quality. And it is capable of displaying millions of colors for

For large enterprises that demand performance, quality, and green values, Lenovo introduces the ThinkVision 22-inch Wide Display Refurbished Monitor. The 22 inch offers multiple input options for hardware compatibility - VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort. An excellent color gamut, higher resolution, and contrast ratio gives you the best screen space and clarity needed to be

Monitors are essential to most computer setups. They can enhance your visual experience and serve as an exciting new addition to your IT environment. Investing in a quality display monitor ensures that you truly see the benefits of all of your outstanding hardware equipment.

Make it easy to play computer games, work in multiple programs, and research today’s top stories by selecting the right monitor for your computer. Revitalize your work, school, or home desktop with 2NDGEAR’s prime selection of display monitors from industry leading brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, all equipped with a variety of stunning graphics and crisp resolution in wide screen and standard sizes.

2NDGEAR’s assortment of new and refurbished monitors is certain to aid you in both performance and enjoyment. Experience clarity and depth with the HP 20-inch Wide Display Monitor, or enjoy cinema quality full HD resolution with the Dell 22-inch Wide Display. The right monitor choice can make all the difference.

With fast shipping and affordable pricing we can have your new display monitor at your front door with just the click of a mouse.

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