Serving thousands of schools nationwide over the last several decades, 2NDGEAR has witnessed the inside of the classroom evolve over time. With the digital transformation and schools becoming 1:1, classroom furniture has also progressed to adapt in the technological environment, while still trying to maintain its functionality and practicality. 

As a Luxor partner, 2NDGEAR helps schools maintain its furniture’s practicality and functionality, yet adds affordability and security into the classroom through charging and storing carts. Luxor’s carts are designed as an easy solution to keeping numerous devices charged, stored, and secured.

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With our IT Services, we make running your organization easier when you purchase Luxor. With our full spectrum of services, such as full and part-time IT help desk staffing, comprehensive IT lifecycle management, IT asset liquidation, and IT leasing services, we’ll support you all the way through from implementation to end-of-life . 2NDGEAR is also contracted with various purchasing cooperatives throughout the U.S. and is an E-rate Service Provider.