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At 2NDGEAR, we supply the technology and services required for your organization’s growth while providing value for your money spent. That’s why at 2NDGEAR, our refurbished, off-lease computers and IT services offer the very best at the lowest prices.



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Lower your cost of ownership with our hassle-free Advance Replacement Warranty. As part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you will get world-class coverage when you purchase from 2NDGEAR.



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Hear What 2NDGEAR Customers Are Saying
Hear What 2NDGEAR Customers Are Saying

Texas is home to some of the largest school districts in the US, supporting thousands of students and staff, within a multitude of campuses. One common challenge for school districts of this size is staying within their allotted budget while providing safe and reliable classroom technology.

At 2NDGEAR, we’ve worked side by side with school districts throughout Texas to support their entire technology infrastructure, providing classroom devices, charging carts, and IT services efficiently and effectively. Hear from Hutto and Crowley Independent School Districts alongside Saguaro Technology and Consulting on how 2NDGEAR has helped each organization receive unbeatable total cost of ownership, on grade-A products and services.


Endpoint security is important. In fact, it’s now a critical component of enterprise security. This is because it helps derail the lateral movement of threat actors who manage to compromise the network. However, it’s adoption isn’t as widespread as one would expect.


At 2NDGEAR, we have always strived to give each and every customer the best customer experience possible. To ensure that this high standard is met, we need to stay accountable and improve whenever possible. After surveying our customers over a full year, quarter over quarter...

At 2NDGEAR, we offer a large inventory of off-lease, refurbished IT hardware including desktops, monitors, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, servers, networking equipment, and IP phones from top brands like Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. New equipment is also available such as device charging and storage carts from Luxor and Anywhere Carts and interactive displays from Newline Interactive.

To support all of your technology investments, we offer a full spectrum of IT Services such as full and part-time IT help desk staffing, comprehensive IT lifecycle management, IT asset liquidation, and IT leasing programs. 2NDGEAR is also contracted with various purchasing cooperatives throughout the U.S. and is an E-rate Service Provider. 

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