A Valued Partner of Newline Interactive, 2NDGEAR brings cutting-edge interactive technology to schools and organizations of all sizes through Newline Interactive displays. The multitouch displays can turn into digital whiteboards, share and present content through various connection points - no matter if devices used alongside it are Windows, Mac, or Android-based.

2NDGEAR offers Newline Interactive’s full line of interactive displays and offers pre-packaged and bundled solutions to help customers get the most out of what they need.

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With our IT Services, we make running your organization easier when you purchase Newline. With our full spectrum of services, such as full and part-time IT help desk staffing, comprehensive IT lifecycle management, IT asset liquidation, and IT leasing services, we’ll support you all the way through from implementation to end-of-life . 2NDGEAR is also contracted with various purchasing cooperatives throughout the U.S. and is an E-rate Service Provider.