IT Support Services in Southern California and Beyond

2NDGEAR offers a full range of specialized IT support services available to all of our customers. You can depend on us to understand your needs and help solve your specific IT challenges.

Nationwide, from Fortune 500 companies to local startups, we have sourced both on, and off site IT professionals who are job ready, and always deliver the right results in project areas as diverse as programming and security, to data entry and general IT maintenance.

2NDGEAR IT Services

Part-Time Help Desk Support

Alleviate your temporary workflow problems by letting 2NDGEAR provide the proper part-time support and get your projects completed on time.

Explore how our programs can assist your help desk here.

Full-Time Help Desk Staffing

With our team of expert recruiters using a nationwide network of IT professionals, we can assist you with addressing all of your staffing needs, no matter the scope, in the most efficient, and professional manner possible.

Find out how our full-time staffing programs can solve your specific recruitment and workflow challenges here. 

IT Asset Liquidation Services

With our IT Asset Liquidation services you can unlock real value from old equipment that otherwise would have been written off as a loss.

Read more about how you can make money from your end-of-life assets here.

IT Leasing Services

2NDGEAR leasing services ensures your organization is equipped for today and tomorrow through a lease solutions customized to your needs.

See how leasing with 2NDGEAR can save you up to 25% off the total cost of ownership here.

USAC E-rate Services

2NDGEAR employees a dedicated USAC E-rate Services team that provides comprehensive and ongoing support to all applicants of the E-Rate program. We also supply refurbished equipment that qualifies for the E-rate funding.

Learn more about our E-rate services here.

USAC E-rate Services