IT Lifecycle Services from 2NDGEAR

2NDGEAR offers a full range of IT Lifecycle services, from small batches of secure data destruction to full scale deployment plans. We can provide you with the right coverage that will fit your organization’s unique needs. In addition to the support services, 2NDGEAR offers flexible leasing options to help you maximize your investment.

Data Destruction, Deployment and Disposal You Can Trust

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and can provide data destruction and disposal services at the Department of Defense (DOD) standards. Our refurbishment & technology centers are staffed with certified technicians who can ensure that your equipment is professionally taken care of.

We use a simplified, streamlined and cost-effective process. From on-site installation, staging, storage, packaging of office relocation to pre-scheduled shipments and individual asset tagging, we can take on every single technical and logistical task of your big move - from start to finish.

With 100% support from our experienced deployment teams, we prioritize and follow strict installation schedules that keep your organization running smoothly throughout the deployment.

Hardware Imaging

2NDGEAR has the experience and expertise needed to offer solutions for all types of re-imaging projects. From data transfer to IT migration, we can help make a complex task infinitely more manageable.

Our advanced technology facility is the ideal space to take care of all your hardware imaging needs. No matter the size of your project, qualified 2NDGEAR technicians are ready to help.

Hardware Imaging
Data Destruction Processes

2NDGEAR is certified in a range data destruction processes. We employ industry recognized destruction methods such as 1-pass wipe method, overwriting methods at DOD Levels 3 & 7, hard drive shredding, and crushing.

You can put your trust in our system to ensure complete destruction of your sensitive data and hardware, for more details on our processes we invite you to explore our data destruction page.

Data Destruction Processes
Security Throughout Every Step

2NDGEAR is partnered with Federal Express Secure Transportation so that as soon as your property enters into our chain-of-custody, you can rest assured that it is fully secure and trackable.

Once safely transferred over to our Technology Center, your items will be under an advanced video surveillance system monitoring the entire facility at all times.

Security Throughout Every Step


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