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Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 A centerpiece for collaboration, ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP50 interactive displays deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms. Featuring huge touchscreens with 4K resolution, ViewBoard displays let multiple users write, edit, and draw onscreen for dynamic presentations and creative

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 The Clear Touch 5000C Series offers an LCD display with Ultra HD Resolution enabling users to pinch and zoom on the screen to make images and text larger for seamless viewability. With wireless screen sharing, users can participate by wirelessly mirroring their devices to the panel and can connect 1 to 4 devices simultaneously. All

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 The Clear Touch 7000K Series facilitates all of your education and business needs with its capacitive responsive multi touch technology, ultra-HD resolution, built-in audio and more. Its remote updates enable your IT team to see and update all panels remotely from a centralized computer instead of disrupting offices or conference

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 The Clear Touch 6000K Series comes equipped with smart, multi-touch technology that allows for 20 points of simultaneous touch, enabling up 8 to 10 users on the same panel at one time. Easily connect to the 6000K series panel wirelessly to up to four devices using their Collage software. Walk the room, share screen, switch users with

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 Let this versatile, 4K resolution, interactive display with antimicrobial glass bring more collaboration and interaction to the classroom. Turn the display into a digital whiteboard, share files in one touch, and use your favorite software all with your fingers or the press of a button. TRUTOUCH RS+ series works in your world and lets

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418 The TRUTOUCH VN Series is designed for an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. Write seamlessly over your own device’s content with a brand-new user interface design which brings you less clutter and more efficiency. With more responsive IR touch technology, 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution, and its non-proprietary

Call For Pricing - +1 (866) 280-3418  The TRUTOUCH X Series is the only interactive display to feature Newline's TRUFlat technology for a sleek, impressive look that combines advanced technology with elegance. Experience meetings on a display that allows for the whole team to interact without limitations by sharing not only voice and video, but also data and

Interactive Displays can provide cutting edge interaction and efficiency. They allow users to access and manipulate electronic files via LCD displays. Connected to your computer with a USB and then back to your LCD with a video cable they serve a variety of functions allowing you to interact with your computer through your display screen with mouse functionality.

2NDGEAR offers the best in Interactive Displays. Featuring Newline’s superb TRUTOUCH Series, now you can take collaboration to the next level. Experience meetings and conferences on touch screens that redefine clarity. Interact without limitations by sharing not only voice and video but also data and connotation. Take notes with your finger or a pen and allow multiple users to interact at one time. Call for our competitive pricing.

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