HP strives to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere – for every person, every organization, and every community. At 2NDGEAR, we stand beside HP’s mission and believe that technology does enable good. Whether it’s a student using a laptop to render 3D illustrations for an art project or a nurse inputting important patient data, HP devices can help expand the mind and even save a life.

Regardless of budget, 2NDGEAR makes HP technology affordable through off-lease, refurbished HP computers including Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, monitors, servers, and networking equipment. All HP refurbished hardware goes through 2NDGEAR’s thorough remarketing process where each unit is audited, wiped, and reconfigured to manufacturer’s specifications. From there, upgrades are made if requested by our customers and then the units are cleaned and tested prior to being shipped.

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With our IT Services, we make running your organization easier when you purchase HP. With our full spectrum of services, such as full and part-time IT help desk staffing, comprehensive IT lifecycle management, IT asset liquidation, and IT leasing services, we’ll support you all the way through from implementation to end-of-life . 2NDGEAR is also contracted with various purchasing cooperatives throughout the U.S. and is an E-rate Service Provider.