Using E-Rate to Create Connected Schools with Cisco

Cisco networking equipment can help school districts improve broadband and wireless access, and E-Rate can help fund it all. With E-Rate as a universal service program designed to help schools and libraries implement the technology they need, students can get connected and become empowered to succeed.

Internet Access is a Critical Part of Remote Learning

Internet access is a crucial part in the new world of remote learning and digital classrooms. Without it the system does not work, and some students will miss out on the opportunity to participate in key learning activities. This creates an achievement gap between those with internet connection and those without. This achievement gap is putting pressure on school districts to ensure that every student has a wireless connection in their home that provides them with the best opportunity to succeed.

A sister company of 2NDGEAR, Red8 is the advanced IT consulting and services division of Insight Investments. Delivering flexible and scalable, cloud, automation, cybersecurity, analytics, and data center solutions. Red8 holds over 2000 industry-leading accreditations and certifications, with over 475 combined years of engineering experience.

Introducing Cisco Meraki

Through Red8’s partnership with Cisco, 2NDGEAR customers can leverage Cisco Meraki MR Access Points to enable high-speed internet access to student homes and reduces burdens on the district’s IT staff. These provide the school district with: 

  • Faster connections
  • Greater user capacity
  • More coverage
  • Fewer support calls
  • Increased visibility and security
Introducing Cisco Meraki

E-Rate Funding Available for Networking Solutions

E-Rate funding can be used to implement best-in-class solutions from Cisco like their Meraki solution outlined above, as well as many other vendor solutions. See how one California school leveraged Cisco and E-Rate to keep their students connected. Read the case study here.

Not only does Red8 have 30 years of networking experience, they are an experienced E-Rate provider alongside 2NDGEAR. Both teams know the ins and outs of the application process and can help you maximize your funding for Cisco solutions.

All Cisco business is offered through our sister division, Red8. Contact us for more information and start taking advantage of E-Rate to help fund Cisco solutions in your school district.

E-Rate Funding Available for Networking Solutions