Receiving Clerk

For the receiving department, our job is to receive the equipment into the inventory/accounting system Great Plains. We identify if the shipment is buy/sell or off lease. We go through and separate the equipment by models and then capture the serial numbers into our system. After we have received the equipment into the system either via an inventory transaction or through a PO, the equipment then proceeds to our audit department for next steps.


Audit Technician

In the audit department, we receive various types of equipment once the equipment has gone through our receiving process. This consists of laptops, PC's, tablets, servers ETC. We then proceed to audit the product in which they need to be visually be inspected for damages, cracks, scratches, scuffs, and any broken ports, put on the bench which requires lifting from 5-40 lbs, depending on the product using our standard audit process. We then proceed to pull all configuration information from unit and log all prudent information into our audit tool assuring all information is correct. We then assist team members with stacking and wrapping pallets and place in accurate assigned bins.


Inventory Control Specialist

In inventory, we receive 10-15 pallets or carts containing various computer equipment. This consist of laptops, pc’s, lcd’s, servers and various hardware components that are pending or purchased to fulfill open orders. We will then proceed to either allocate to orders or inventory for future orders. Another task we face is to pull all allocated customer orders that will then go to either one of our configuration teams or directly to our Shipping / Cleaning team depending on equipment. Once this process is completed, we then verify that the serial numbers returned by Configuration team are correct through our QA process to ensure our customers are getting what they ordered.


Shipping Clerk

Shipping receives various IT equipment from the inventory control department. This job requires sometimes lifting. We also go through cleaning and packaging equipment between sometimes exceeding 50LBS.

Depending on the type of deal, product then goes to cleaning or directly to safe packaging and prepare for shipping. For small parcel shipments, this requires to process shipments using our starship application while sorting packages either via FedEx or Ups.