Hi there!

Here in the land of Windows 10, companies like yours are seeing a boost in productivity, as well as security since they’ve upgraded from Windows 7. 

At 2NDGEAR, we’re here to help bring those on from the old Windows 7 OS onto Windows 10, easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively, especially since we can ship computers to international sites. 

Here’s how we’ll help: 

  • Refresh Windows 7 systems with Windows 10 for $35 per license through our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher discount.
  • Deliver enterprise-grade refurbished Dell, HP, and Lenovo desktops and laptops to contact centers globally.
  • Support large scale ramps and refreshes with international door-to-door delivery of bulk shipments.
  • Ship from stock with a 48-hour lead time for U.S. orders and a 3-week lead time for international.
  • We support NTC permitting for delivery to PEZA tax-free zones in the Philippines

To start your journey towards Windows 10, simply fill out the form and we’ll reach back out to you shortly.

Cheers from the 2NDGEAR team! 

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