All the Good that Tech Can Do

All the Good that Tech Can Do

Welcome to the 2NDGEAR Tech for Good blog! This space is devoted to exploring and championing all the good that technology makes possible.

Human beings are always searching for ways to make their lives more comfortable and their dreams more achievable. This desire to change the world by building, creating, engineering, and designing started with the earliest civilizations on the planet—their early arts and sciences, and the technologies—the tools—they created that survive today. productevaluationFrom the Greek root, techne, which means art or craft, “technology” is a broad term that encapsulates so much more than the touchscreens and AI robots we might think of in 2016. Technology applies to inventions, tools, and systems from all around the world, and all throughout history: from the most ingenious of inventions, like the wheel, to the most daring of developments, like the ships and suits that allowed Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon.

And throughout history, technology has seen eras of profound discovery and evolution. The nineteenth century alone saw the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, and electricity. In the twentieth century, technologies that would forever change homes—the refrigerator and the television, especially—appeared. To best understand and reflect on our own era of technological advancement, characterized by constant digital and virtual developments, we need only look back across the histories that reveal the ways that one of the things that makes us human is our constant pursuit of new technological possibilities.

Today, we can watch from almost any vantage point the way that technology evolves every day—and sometimes by the hour. And there seems to be a technological solution for every modern problem. We need only tune in for an episode of Shark Tank or flip through the newest Kickstarter projects to witness a continued, dedicated resolve, a human pursuit, of inventions and new solutions that put a little goodness in the world.

newit_header_1389x515Each month, this blog will take a closer look at some of the technologies that are changing the world by making it a little more good. Sometimes we’ll look to the past, sometimes to the future. But mostly, we’ll focus on the technologies shaping our lives right now.

Check back on this space—bookmark it, Pin it, whatever works for you—so you can join our discussions and hear about the good tech we’re finding in the world.

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