How can I create dynamic backgrounds for my Newline Panel?

How can I create dynamic backgrounds for my Newline Panel?

I had a client ask if we could show pictures of students when the educator isn’t teaching.  I created an example in PPTX and saved it as an animated GIF with 5 second delays (5 second slide timings on PPTX).  That can be loaded as a wallpaper on the panel and it makes a fun option (see recorded link below, I used Muppet pictures in the example and moved them around the panel).

Muppet pictures on panel

Extending that a little more, I found a good looping underwater-scape GIF and loaded that onto the panel as wallpaper, adds some fun and relaxing content to the panel (recorded link below).

Underwater background on Q Series

To load a custom background onto your panel, load the file onto a USB Drive, or onto your mounted drive on the panel.  Go to the ‘Settings’ option (the ‘cog’ icon on the home screen).  From there, go to ‘Display & Theme’ and ‘Wallpaper’.

At the end of the list of available wallpapers, you will see an option to add a new, custom wallpaper.  Select your wallpaper from your drive and add it, ensure the check-box on the file is selected.

Note for Q Series Panels – In the latest firmware update, there are listings for ‘Static Wallpapers’ and ‘Dynamic Wallpapers’.  These seem to be simply ways to sort your wallpapers.  You can load the GIF into either the ‘Static’, or the ‘Dynamic’ sections, and it will function as expected.

Be conscious that there is a size limitation of 10MB for any single background on the panel, this also applies to GIF files.

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