Tech that Sheds a Little Light…

Tech that Sheds a Little Light…

What does it mean for a technology to “do good” or create goodness in the world?

10reasons_footer_900x485There are huge, impressive, and even intimidating technologies that create mass-scale changes in the world at large: the train. The clock. Enormous steam engines or whirling wind towers. And then there are the technologies that work on a much smaller scale—promoting a little bit of light at home or in your community. And in the holiday season, finding joy both at home and in the world at large is something we all seem to strive for.

The end of the year is scattered with reasons to celebrate: holidays, festivals, parties, and more. And when people come together, as families, friends, coworkers, or even as strangers, technology can be a force that dazzles, entertains, and lights up the world around us.

Take, for example, new Lumenplay lights: app-enabled lights designed for the outside of homes and businesses, that allow you to control your very own light show.

It might feel like a simple upgrade from those familiar holiday lights, but a technology like this one immediately creates a community and invites people to take pleasure in the small things by putting on a beautiful display inspired by your favorite songs, patterns, and colors. And all the controls happen through an app on your smart devices, so it’s easy to create whimsical, colorful holiday magic on your very own front porch. This is a technology that happens on a small scale: a few colorful holiday lights shining in your neighborhood and on your street.

When we talk about the “good” that technology can do, sometimes it’s as simple as a lightshow to delight your family and neighbors. The little joys in the life can be the ones we remember the most—and technologies that helps us find and experience those moments are, well, good technology.

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