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2NDGEAR’s premier selection of charging carts are designed to facilitate the charging and storage of your Laptops, Chromebooks and Apple iPads. Our charging carts boast durable construction with flexible and enduring designs that ensure these all-inclusive charging stations will last well into the future. They make life easier for those using and managing mobile technology in schools or organizations by providing efficiency in powering up your devices along with superb protection and cord management.

2NDGEAR features top brands like Luxor and Anywhere offered at the lowest pricing with fast shipping options. Select any of our top models, like the Luxor LLTM42-B – 42 Tablet/Chromebook Computer Charging Cart, a sleek and mobile cart securing up to 42 Chromebooks or Tablets at once. Or the Anywhere 36x Bay Secure Charging Cart fully equipped with the custom Intelli-Sense Smart Charging System, designed to power your Chromebooks and Laptops.

We guarantee to keep your Laptops, Chromebooks and Apple iPads fully charged and secure.

2NDGEAR has specialized in refurbished IT equipment for over 30 years, obtaining our equipment from trusted sources like computer manufacturers Microsoft, Dell, HP and other reputable wholesalers. Put through a comprehensive refurbishing process, our reconditioned desktops, laptops, servers, monitors and other refurb equipment are restored to their manufacturer’s original standards, facilitating low cost rebuilt IT equipment with performance that exceeds expectations. All of our refurbished computers are tested on site by our fully certified technicians.

As it is always imperative to ensure your investment when buying refurbished IT equipment we offer long term warranty coverage on our trusted off lease PC’s, laptops and servers. You never know when you may need to repair or replace parts even when they have been reconditioned or rebuilt by trusted manufacturer refurbishers. 2NDGEAR’s expert refurbishing process and coverage guarantees you lost cost of ownership and peace of mind on an array of home, office and mobile work stations, available in bulk for both businesses and schools.

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