New Chromebooks

The Acer New Chromebook 11 N7 (C731) has durability and design features that ensure student learning can take place in a variety of environments.  With the ability to handle up to 132 pounds of downward force on the top cover they prove sturdy and reliable under any circumstance, even if students cram them into their backpacks. The corner-shield structure and rubber

The CTL J41 New Chromebook provides phenomenal performance at an excellent price. Perfect for students K-12 with all of the necessary custom designs to survive the classroom’s rigors. Your investment is guaranteed to protect you from everyday drops and spills.  This new Chromebook features a special textured surface that helps to prevent drops if your students grab

The CTL New Chromebook NL7 Notebook is made for the rigors of the education environment. It is powered by an Intel Celeron N3350 processor that has a base frequency of 1.10 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 2.40 GHz for optimum performance. Equipped with a 4 GB RAM, it ensures a smooth computing experience.

The HP 11 G5 EE New Chromebook elevates learning in and out of the classroom and empowers students to think critically and work collaboratively.  Equipped with interactive tools and a rugged design that includes co-molded rubber edges, this new Chromebook from HP is ready for class.

The HP 11 G6 EE New Chromebook empowers students to create, collaborate, and learn. It is built with co-molded rubber, reinforced corners, and a manageable, secure, and intuitive Chrome OS. Quickly launch apps, support fast web browsing, efficiently manage battery power, and get up to a 26% performance improvement with this top notch new Chromebook from HP.

This 11.6-in new Chromebook™ is light, portable, rugged, and productive.  Making it the ultimate everyday learning tool. It brings Google Classroom, G Suite for Education, and today’s most popular education apps for students and teachers, making digital education accessible, enjoyable, and manageable. And it does so on a very reasonable budget.

The Lenovo 300e (81H00000US) 11.6" New Chromebook is part of a series of Lenovo laptops that offer many excellent designs and features whilst fitting any budget. From basic family laptops, to high-performance gaming notebooks, to stylish multimode devices with smart designs, these top-of-the-line new Chromebooks can gracefully match your lifestyle.

The 11.6-in 2-in-1 500e new Chromebook perfectly blends technology with the premium classroom experience. It has powerful processing, a 360-degree hinge for four modes of interaction, a garaged electromagnetic resonance [EMR] pen, world-facing camera, and numerous features making it a new Chromebook rugged enough to handle the roughest treatment.

Chromebooks are very similar to laptops but with a slight variation. Where laptops use Windows10 or macOS as operating systems, Chromebooks use only Google’s Chrome OS. This makes them more lightweight and snappy, with the efficiency of automatic self-updates and installations in a fraction of a time. Because you won’t need to pay for a Windows software license or the Apple logo they also come cheaper than any MacBook and most Windows laptops.

Chromebooks make excellent school companions having found a distinct place in the education market. But their appeal has broadened as well making them ideal for anyone on the go. They are more convenient and simpler than laptops, removing the added burden of having to power and constantly update a more complicated wide-ranging OS. 2NDGEAR proudly presents our assortment of top quality Chromebooks.

2NDGEAR has established its reputation for being a leading IT refurbishing company, however, we also offer lots of low priced high quality new products from principal industry manufacturers. Always keeping our eye out for special deals, our partnerships with brands like Lenovo, Acer, HP, and Newline afford us the exciting opportunity to present our customers with rare and hard to find deals on everything from new laptops and new desktops to new charging carts and new networking equipment.
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