Refurbished Chromebooks

The HP Chromebook 11-V033NR 11.6" is an excellent machine that is built to last and to make working online effortless, easy and fun to use.  It is perfectly portable with power to last all day and equipped with a Celeron N3060 1.6GHz processor, 4GB or memory and 16GB SSD hard drive.  Get your tasks done at home or on the go with this top of the line refurbished

The HP Refurbished Chromebook 11-V032NR 11.6" helps differentiate it from the HP group with top quality durability, slim design and long battery life.  Go all day without having to recharge your battery and complete all your personal and business tasks with ease.  Fully equipped with a Celeron N3060 1.6GHz processor, 4GB of memory and a 16GB SSD drive. 

The HP Refurbished Chromebook 11-V031NR 11.6" has a satisfying keyboard and solid build quality to help distinguish it from the pack. It has slim design and long battery life for attractive power and superb portability. Go all day without recharging with up to 11.5 hours battery life. Equipped with a 4GB memory and 16GB hard drive.  

The HP Chromebook 14-DB0025NR 14" Touchscreen highlights 14" diagonal HD backlit touchscreen with a Chrome OS operating system, 4 GB memory & 32 GB storage.  This refurbished Chromebook offers plenty of durability, and excellent performance for all your business, personal and school requirements. 

The HP Chromebook 14-CA003CL 14" helps keep you productive and entertained through a seamless Chrome experience and easy access to your favorite Android apps via the Google Play Store. Get more done and experience more with plenty of performance, all-day battery up to 10 hours and 30 minutes and entertainment features like Audio by B&O and FHD display.

The Dell Chromebook 14-DB0023DX 14" comes equipped with an AMD A4-9120C processor, 14" display; 4GB of memory and 32GB SSD hard drive.  An excellent refurbished Chromebook facilitating all of your personal and business needs.  

The Refurbished HP Chromebook 14-db0090nr Touchscreen 14” has a sharp WLED-backlit touchscreen display that makes it ideal for streaming videos and editing presentations. It’s easy to store your files in the cloud and access them with the intuitive Chrome operating system. 

The Dell 3189 Refurbished Chromebook 2-in-1 Touch is built with best-in-class durability and an 11.6 inch screen designed to withstand every school day. It conveniently bends back into tablet and tent modes, making it easy for students to use the touch screen or show other students what they are working on. This refurbished Chromebook comes equipped with Google’s

The HP Refurbished Chromebook 11-V010NR 11.6" was built for everything you do online. The Chrome operating system makes for effortless connections and efficiency in getting things done.  This refurbished Chromebook is easy to use, fun to show off, and perfectly portable with power you throughout the day. And with it's 11.6 inch display you can comfortably enjoy your

Chromebooks are very similar to laptops but with a slight variation. Where laptops use Windows10 or macOS as operating systems, Chromebooks use only Google’s Chrome OS. This makes them more lightweight and snappy, with the efficiency of automatic self-updates and installations in a fraction of a time. Because you won’t need to pay for a Windows software license or the Apple logo they also come cheaper than any MacBook and most Windows laptops.

Chromebooks make excellent school companions having found a distinct place in the education market. But their appeal has broadened as well making them ideal for anyone on the go. They are more convenient and simpler than laptops, removing the added burden of having to power and constantly update a more complicated wide-ranging OS. 2NDGEAR proudly presents our assortment of top quality Chromebooks.

2NDGEAR has specialized in refurbished IT equipment for over 30 years, obtaining our equipment from trusted sources like computer manufacturers Microsoft, Dell, HP and other reputable wholesalers. Put through a comprehensive refurbishing process, our reconditioned desktops, laptops, servers, monitors and other refurb equipment are restored to their manufacturer’s original standards, facilitating low cost rebuilt IT equipment with performance that exceeds expectations. All of our refurbished computers are tested on site by our fully certified technicians.

As it is always imperative to ensure your investment when buying refurbished IT equipment we offer long term warranty coverage on our trusted off lease PC’s, laptops and servers. You never know when you may need to repair or replace parts even when they have been reconditioned or rebuilt by trusted manufacturer refurbishers. 2NDGEAR’s expert refurbishing process and coverage guarantees you lost cost of ownership and peace of mind on an array of home, office and mobile work stations, available in bulk for both businesses and schools.

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