The certified Dell OptiPlex 790 flexible refurbished desktop solution is designed for advanced performance and efficient collaboration. This reconditioned PC desktop enables business-class control that helps ensure IT saves time and money and the remote management technology also helps simplify systems management and protect your data. The off lease Dell Optiplex 790 PC

The Dell OptiPlex 790 SFF PC flexible refurbished desktop solution is designed for advanced performance and efficient collaboration. The reconfigured Dell Optiplex's completely redesigned form factors are amongst the smallest within their categories. The recertified off lease Dell Optilplex 790 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop has been optimized to help maximize desk space

The Dell OptiPlex 5040 SFF Refurbished Desktop allows you to stay productive without taking up too much space. Featuring a small form factor design that has a small footprint, it provides you with plenty of desk space to get your work done. This refurbished desktop is excellent for both business and play, boasting the confidence and reliability of all the Dell OptiPlex

The Dell OptiPlex 7040 Micro Refurbished Desktop offers ultimate desktop performance with enterprise-class management and security.  Available with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory and a 128GB SDD hard drive.  This refurbished desktop enables increased power and productivity without sacrificing space-savings. 

The stunning Apple iMac A1419 (MK462LL/A) Refurbished All-in-One Desktop 27" (2015) comes equipped with an Intel Core i5-6500 processor, 16GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive. It also has a built-in "FaceTime HD" webcam and stereo speakers.   This refurbished all-in-one desktop also has a 27" 5120x2880 LED-backlit 16:9 widescreen providing excellent visuals. 

The Dell Optiplex 7440 AIO Refurbished Desktop will get your business productivity flowing in no time. Expect rich visuals with the 23” screen and full HD. It’s clutter-free design will fit easily into any work environment, and is also perfect for kiosks, labs or call centers, and reception areas. This refurbished all-in-one desktop boasts generous performance and

The HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-In-One 23" Refurbished Desktop has a slim and sleek look which will impress anywhere.  It is excellent for conserving space and effortlessly mounts on the wall.  This top of the line reconditioned refurbished all-in-one desktop will help you stay organized and free up lots of space for work.  

The Apple iMac A1418 (MF883LL/A) Refurbished All-in-One Desktop 21.5" features a 22-nm Haswell 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor (4260U) with two independent processor cores on a single chip, and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000 graphics processor that shares system memory.  This refurbished all-in-one desktop also has a built-in FaceTime HD webcam and stereo

The HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Mini Refurbished Desktop is packed with integrated enterprise-class performance, security, and manageability features.  Smaller than some deskphones it has been efficiently crafted to make it capable of fitting into almost any workspace vertically or horizontally. This refurbished desktop mini comes with a clean, easily serviceable design

Deploy the redesigned stylish HP EliteOne 800 G2 Refurbished All-in-One Desktop 23” display anywhere you need a powerhouse PC.  Perfect for an executive's desk or mounted on a wall, the slim design and integrated cable management are sure to make an impression.  This refurbished all-in-one desktop has superb manageability, security and enterprise-class

The Dell OptiPlex 7040 SFF Refurbished Desktops offers the ultimate performance with enterprise-class management and security in new, energy efficient compact designs. Available with up to 6th Gen Intel® Core Processors, Intel® HD graphics, and Intel® vPro systems management, the Dell OptiPlex 7040 SFF Refurbished Desktop enables increased power and productivity without

The Apple iMac (ME089LL/A) all-in-one refurbished desktop has a 27" 2560x1440 LED-backlit 16:9 widescreen IPS display with the cover glass fully laminated to the LCD and anti-reflective coating. The off-lease all-in-one refurbished desktop PC has an aluminum rear case which is thicker in the middle, tapering to a razor thin 5 mm at the edges.

The HP 600 G1 SFF Refurbished Desktop makes everyday computing easier.  Enjoy true reliability on the road or at home with a simple, yet powerful value-packed Notebook that gets the job done. The Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz Processor matched with 8GB DDR3 Memory makes for a speedy and efficient PC.  The reconditioned and rebuilt HP 600 G1 SFF PC Refurbished

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny PC Refurbished Desktop includes some of the best security tools available in the industry, including USB ports disablement to help prevent data theft and network security risks against unauthorized use of storage devices. This rebuilt and refurbished desktop PC has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which encrypts data and key information

The Dell OptiPlex 9020 Micro Refurbished Desktop is Dell's most secure and manageable commercial desktop, delivering leading-edge technology and versatility to any business environment with the space-saving Micro chassis. The reconditioned Dell OptiPlex 9020 Micro Refurbished Desktop PC enables increased power and productivity. Enhance these features with Dell essential

The 21.5" iMac refurbished desktop Computer from Apple is an all-in-one reconditioned desktop with an ultra-slim unibody design. Measuring at just 5mm at its edges, the rebuilt iMac PC has 40% less volume than the 2011 iMac. The LCD display on this all-in-one refurbished desktop is now 5mm thinner, featuring LED backlighting for vibrant, accurate color. 

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M92z All-in-One Refurbished Desktop simplifies your workspace management along with performance, features and reliability. Transform your business with uncompromised performance from Intel Q77 chipset, 3rd generation Intel Core processors and advanced Graphics.  The rebuilt and recertified Lenovo ThinkCentre M92z All-in-One Refurbished

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z All-in-One 23" Refurbished Desktop PC's cutting-edge technologies fuel productivity, assure security, and foster collaboration. This reconditioned all-in-one desktop saves space with its small footprint, but has what it takes to meet all of your business needs. The Lenovo refurbished desktop comes equipped with some of the best security tools

Dell’s most powerful commercial desktop ever, the Dell OptiPlex 9010 Tower Refurbished Desktop PC delivers leading-edge productivity, security and manageability. With a robust chassis that has undergone intense Highly Accelerated Life testing, the off lease Dell OptiPlex 9010 Tower Refurbished Desktop is designed for ultimate durability and reliability ready to

Work efficiently with the refurbished Dell OptiPlex™ 7010 SFF PC desktop, featuring advanced performance, flexibility and connectivity to help your business succeed. The recertified Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF comes with optional Intel® vPro™ technology to deliver maximum performance and the space to add additional peripherals, rebuilt and reconditioned by 2NDGEAR's expert

The HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop is a new way to do business. Impress and perform like never before with highly this reconditioned PC"s customizable tools, new features and a stylis design. Easily share your internet connection with your devices and help colleagues get online fast. The rebuilt HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop shares

Dell’s most secure and manageable commercial desktop, the Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop, now delivers leading-edge technology and versatility to any business environment with the space-saving Micro chassis enabling increased power and productivity.  The recertified Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop is compatible with five optional

The Dell OptiPlex 9010 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop has an easily accessible IT-friendly chassis that can pop open without any tools, making it a solid choice for businesses looking to save space without compromising performance.  Empower your workforce with Dell’s reconditioned OptiPlex 9010 SFF Refurbished Desktop, the most powerful commercial desktop ever. Users

The HP Elite 8300 SFF is part of an elite portfolio of business PC refurbished desktop platforms designed around the latest management, security and expansion technologies. This fantastic processor is made to multi-task and run all your programs seamlessly.  The rebuilt HP Elite 8300 SFF PC Refurbished Desktop provides an excellent balance of price and performance,

Desktop computers are a staple in today’s fast-paced technology world. With larger screens than laptops, they are Ideal for multi-tasking with their ability to maintain many different windows open at one time. Convenience and stability make desktops simply one of the best options for use as a home or family computer. The perfect desktop computer can help propel your business forward and accelerate your work day with fresh designs, superior security and optimum collaboration features.

From business to personal use, school work to video games, 2NDGEAR provides a vast array of desktops and all-In-one computers with the latest features, design innovations and technology to meet your needs. Partnering with leading industry brands like Dell, HP, Apple and Lenovo, our technicians are trained and certified in refurbishing computers to their manufacturer’s original standards.

Work efficiently with the Dell Optiplex 7010, enhance workflow productivity with the space-saving design of the HP 8300 Elite all-in-one 23 inch, or enjoy hassle free desktop maintenance and high stability with the Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny. Always budget friendly and available with fast shipping options, 2NDGEAR is proud to display our top-of-the-line desktop and all-in-one computers.

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