How 2NDGEAR Helped a Global BPO Save Over $1M on IT Hardware

How 2NDGEAR Helped a Global BPO Save Over $1M on IT Hardware

High Quality Refurbished Dell Desktops and Monitors Backed by Excellent Service and Support Enabled BPO to Continue Rapid, Agile Growth


A high-growth global Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) with more than 15,000 employees was on a strong trajectory in its industry and needed a fast and efficient upgrade for its end-of-life Windows-based Dell PCs. At the same time, the company’s workforce was rapidly expanding across its more than a dozen global locations. At the same time, it was managing the recent shift to a more distributed model with a growing number of remote employees in the U.S. and around the world. The BPO was focused on furthering its success and continuing its workforce expansion. To support that effort, the BPO evaluated various options and discovered that refurbished IT hardware combined with a high level of service offered a cost-effective, high quality solution.


As the BPO was expanding into new locations around the world, it met with 2NDGEAR to discuss its needs for additional workstations.  The team engaged with the IT executives to demonstrate how 2NDGEAR’s refresh program with refurbished Dell desktops and monitors created a significant opportunity to reduce hardware costs while updating its technology equipment for its remote workers and call center locations.

As a first step, 2NDGEAR worked with the global company to gain insight into its current environment and configuration. With an understanding of the existing volume, models, specifications, and requirements, 2NDGEAR was able to create and deliver a full Windows 10 hardware refresh solution that matched the existing workstation models, configuration, and three-year warranty at half the cost of new equipment. 2NDGEAR’s demonstrated commitment to service and its ability to deliver high value, top quality technology equipment on time made the decision easy for the BPO.


2NDGEAR shipped the refurbished Dell desktops and monitors to the BPO in timely phases. 2NDGEAR’s state-of-the-art Refurbishment Tech Center served as the central hub for staging and deploying large batches of units. This facility and process ensured accurate and efficient deliveries. Additionally, as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), 2NDGEAR was able to offer fully licensed Microsoft Windows 10 at a discount on its refurbished desktops and laptops. Ultimately, the entire refresh was fulfilled with the delivery of more than 5,000 Windows-based workstations.

The refurbished IT hardware solution saved the BPO more than $1 Million in hardware spend alone. The needed support for its growing remote workforce gave the company the ability to move quickly and keep pace with increasing demand for its services.

The 2NDGEAR solution that combined refurbished equipment with quality service not only created cost savings, but also made the BPO more competitive within its industry.

With on-time delivery and high-quality equipment, 2NDGEAR has continued to strengthen its relationship with the BPO. The team is proud to be part of the BPO’s international growth with the delivery of a valuable, cost effective solution that includes outstanding support, and a product warranty.

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