Need Help with IT Help Desk Staffing Services?

Need Help with IT Help Desk Staffing Services?

IT Help Desk StaffingManage Your Service Desk Turnover Through Outsourcing with Help Desk Staffing Services

IT Managers answer to a variety of stakeholders, including executives, clients, suppliers, staff, and even board members to deliver at ever increasing service levels. Meanwhile, businesses are constantly reaching for ways to realize the full value of their IT group, reduce risk, and maximize resources.

As a result, today’s biggest IT staffing challenges include lean staffing, scarce talent pool, seasonal support needs, training, and budget challenges. Even long-standing corporations with experienced IT staff can fall short in today’s environment where expectations are consistently high. There’s often little margin for missed deadlines, downtime, or poorly executed projects. Given the level at which enterprise IT is expected to operate, many businesses find that augmenting their staff with professionals through an outside source offering IT help desk staffing services is an ideal solution.

What exactly are help desk staffing services?

Simply put, help desk staffing includes a range of services designed to help businesses keep enterprise IT departments on track. Services often include staff augmentation, contract-to-hire resources, staff recruitment/permanent placement, and more.

The benefits are compelling.

Help desk staffing in all its forms are proven to help businesses:

  • Create deeper efficiencies by strategically spending on the right expertise
  • Fill openings quickly
  • Improve best practices
  • Optimize resources for strategic initiatives
  • Eliminate the risk associated with underperforming staff
  • And much more

Take the real-life example of a national automaker, discussed in more detail in our case study. The company had an unexpected vacancy in its help desk team to fill. Outsourcing for help desk staffing resulted in fast identification of an ideally qualified resource.

The resource worked as a temp and then was brought on to become a permanent, full-time employee at the company. As an employee, the team member continued to excel and went on to be promoted as a supervisor of the help desk department.

From this, the automaker realized the significant benefits of help desk staffing and has continued to outsource services for recruitment and placement of other top performing technicians.

Staffing will be an endless challenge for IT management.

The ability to maintain required staffing levels is crucial for organizations. For companies to successfully evolve through periods of personnel change, launch new strategic initiatives, or roll out new technologies, help desk staffing services should be part of a long-term strategy.

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