Dothan City Schools gets Affordable New Technology

Dothan City Schools gets Affordable New Technology

2NDGEAR and DCS-2Known as the peanut capital of the world, Dothan is the largest city in southeast Alabama. At Dothan City Schools, its K-12 school district with more than 9,500 students, their mission is to empower all students for the choices and challenges of the twenty-first century. As such, it is committed to supporting students and faculty with the technology necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society. The school district had previously invested in more than 7000 iPads for its students and after receiving the great benefits, the district decided to shift to a new technology option for its students. As such, the technology department needed a way to achieve maximum return on its investment while disposing of them responsibly and efficiently.

After considering several options and a variety of other available services, the school system turned to 2NDGEAR for support. 2NDGEAR’s IT hardware value recovery services offered maximum return and covered all aspects of returning the 7000+ iPads. With 2NDGEAR, Dothan City Schools was able to very easily and cost effectively swap out its existing inventory of iPads and bring in new technology equipment for its students. Dothan City Schools also appreciated the fact that rather than recycle or send the hardware to a landfill, 2NDGEAR tested, refurbished, and resold the equipment to others who would put it to good use.

Kids with tablets“Technology is critically important for our students and faculty, and budgets are always tight. 2NDGEAR gave us the best return possible on our iPads, and the return process was a breeze. As a result, our school district had a swift and affordable transition to the new technology that will help our students advance. And the fact that they took our used but still valuable technology, tested, refurbished, and put it back out into the market made us very happy. It is great that others are gaining the technology benefits and that it has not gone to waste.” – Mark Williams, Director of Technology Services, Dothan City Schools

As a result of the sale to 2NDGEAR, Dothan City Schools had a higher budget to reinvest in additional technology that the district needed. Also, as 2NDGEAR completely managed the transaction and logistics, Dothan City Schools’ IT staff had additional time to focus on other key projects.

“2NDGEAR’s deep experience in financing and expertise in technology makes the company uniquely qualified to be an ideal partner. The team has been outstanding to work with as they have gone above and beyond, and helped us to be successful on many levels,” concluded Mike Manuel, Director of Finance, Dothan City Schools.

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