Four Reasons to Buy Refurbished IT Equipment

Four Reasons to Buy Refurbished IT Equipment

Here at 2NDGEAR, we champion the benefits of using refurbished and off-lease technology. These technologies put a little goodness into the world by reducing waste and extending the use-value of previously used products. Together, they can be a force for good in your own organization.

Here are four reasons to think about buying refurbished and off-lease technology for your business:

Refurbishing is Recycling

E-waste can hurt the environment—and it has far-reaching effects on our planet that are often out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Being mindful of the impact business has on the natural world, we recover, reuse, and recycle e-waste. With a 46,000 square-foot technology center, we couldn’t help but find solutions to reduce our footprint. So we focused on four key initiatives to keep our business environmentally friendly: reducing power consumption, reducing water consumption, improving air quality, and recycling materials.

Refurbishing is Rejuvenating

Business owners understand the huge challenge it is to stay current on the best available technological solutions for their organization. Buying brand new every time is sometimes unnecessary and expensive—and disregards the life left in older technologies and products. We offer services to help businesses upgrade their existing IT equipment using a trade-in/trade-out system and save money in the process.

Refurbishing is Rewarding

When you know your business is putting in the effort and the action to make a difference—for the planet and the people who work hard to keep the business thriving—it’s more than sustaining. It feels like a reward. By buying and using refurbished technology, businesses can help drive down their own costs while putting less strain on the environment. It’s good business practice, pure and simple.

Reduced Costs

Recycling, rejuvenating, rewarding. When you bring all the benefits together, there’s one final result that makes it all even more worthwhile: reduced costs. One of the most rewarding outcomes from buying refurbished or off-lease equipment is one that rejuvenates your bottom line. Because costs are lower than buying brand-new equipment, purchasing off-lease or refurbished products results in immediate savings—and helps you stretch your budget. It’s not just good karma. It’s good business sense.

Good technology inspires more goodness in the world—and sometimes, brings it all full circle back to your own business. Continue the cycle of goodness by buying and using refurbished and off-lease products in your business.

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