Maximize Your E-rate Purchasing Power through Refurbished Equipment

Maximize Your E-rate Purchasing Power through Refurbished Equipment

E-Rate_Kids in Classroom_refurbished equipmentIn today’s day and age, people are recycling more than ever. Consider the demand for the newest cellular phone technology which repeats every 6 to 12 months. People turn in their old devices, and get the latest and greatest model. This process of relinquishing your old communications device for the new has created a whole new age of recycling technology and opening opportunities for public sector entities the ability to buy more with less.

Technology companies want organizations/people to buy new every year by forced upgrades and bringing new product to the market every 6 to 12 months. Public sector entities and schools do not have the luxury to purchase new solutions every year. In fact, schools are provided government funding in which they have to align their products to a five-year plan. Furthermore, schools are held accountable for their spend of the taxpayer dollar. Any cost savings advantage they can attain to meet their future proofed e-learning environment demands and the ability to buy the “best in breed” technology for less is welcomed.


Stretch Your Money Further and Give Back to the Environment

Refurbished equipment allows E-rate participants additional freedom when choosing equipment for their E-rate Program. Many times, the inclusion of refurbished equipment maximizes the overall purchasing power of the buyer. It also helps the environment by keeping technologies in use, instead of filling up landfills.

At 2NDGEAR, we are not only an experienced E-rate Service Provider (SPIN 143044100) since 2015, but we have been a certified refurbishing center for nearly 30 years.


E-rate Inclusion of Refurbished Equipment & General FAQ

What is Refurbished Equipment?

When people hear the word “refurbished” they may think that it is just a nicer way of saying “used,” and believe it or not, there are very important distinctions between the two:

Used” refers to systems that were bought, used, and sold after usage without any rebuild, warranty, certification, or reputable company to back up the purchase of such. These can be found being sold by individuals who might be selling their old product online on a variety of auctions or classified ad websites.

Refurbished” is when gently “used” equipment is completely restored, sold through a certified reseller, with a warranty. It is important to buy recycled equipment through an authorized organization and qualified retailer to make sure that the technology is up to industry standard.


What types of Refurbished Equipment is eligible for participation in the USAC E-rate Program?

All technologies which qualify under the eligible services list of the FCC and USAC organizations ruling for Category One and Category Two product and solutions are eligible under the rules and regulations of the E-rate Program.


Does Refurbished Equipment come with any warranty?

At 2NDGEAR, we believe in our refurbishment process so much that a 3-year warranty comes standard with every machine we sell. You can read more about it here: http://dev2gshop/warranty-program/


What types of Refurbished Equipment does 2NDGEAR offer?

2NDGEAR offers refurbished IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, servers, storage, networking gear, and more from today’s leading technology brands. All 2NDGEAR certified equipment has been refurbished at our facilities in Garden Grove, California by our OEM certified technicians.


Is there a unique process that I would need to go through if I included Refurbished Equipment in my E-rate Program?

No, there is no unique process for refurbished gear.  Follow the process for Category Two filing a 470 for services outlining the product and solution which fit the request of the 470 filing. This process is the same for new and refurbished hardware.

An organization may want to compare their options for purchasing new vs. refurbished. Here is a key example of being able to buy more with less, but not settle for a lesser product to meet the school’s technology needs:

The HPE 5406R 44GT POE+ / 4SFP+ v3 ZL2 (JL003A) switch (new) is a modular chassis pre-configured with 44x GbE POE+ ports & 4x SFP+ ports that offers redundant power supplies and a high degree of customization via optional configurations and modules.

The HPE 5406R (JL003A) (refurbished) has all the same features and warranties as new, and is offered at a much more aggressive price point ($3500 versus a list price of $9099).


Expand your buying power by including refurbished equipment in your 2018 E-rate Program and partner with an experienced service provider by reaching out to 2NDGEAR today at

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