Our Next Tech-Heavy Makeover: The Grocery Store

Our Next Tech-Heavy Makeover: The Grocery Store

Grocery Store CheckoutBooks transformed into ebooks on e-readers. Vinyl records transformed into digital, downloadable music. Phones so high-tech they aren’t just cell phones—they’re smart phones. We’ve seen a lot of huge changes to technologies that we use every single day. And now, one more daily necessity is getting a tech-heavy makeover: the grocery store.

This week, Amazon announced that it is buying Whole Foods. This year, fresh meal delivery subscriptions have become more common. In 2015, online grocery sales in the United States totaled 7 billion dollars—and by 2020, that number is expected to rise 18 billion.

This rise in online grocery sales now meets a new kind of marketplace: an Amazon-inspired grocery experience.

How will Amazon merge their online retail expertise into the brick-and-mortar of Whole Foods grocery stores? The predictions are already being made:

“Looking beyond delivery methods, Amazon could use Whole Foods stores to market its own electronics and products. Or it could let you order your entire grocery list using Amazon Echo and its voice-activated assistant Alexa.”

No matter what ends up happening, Amazon’s acquisition will definitely start to subtly—or maybe not so quietly—change the way we shop for groceries. One article has even broken down these changes into the potential way that businesses can turn them into opportunities.

Whenever technology reaches into a new sphere, there are always two sides: those who fear the worst and those who embrace—and maybe even invest—in the new paradigm. In the wake of this big business shift, from an online-only retailer back into physical store spaces, keep an eye on the technological shifts. Does the new technology make a change for better, or just for the novelty of a new experience?

We can’t wait to see the changes. What do you anticipate happening?

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