Why E-Rate and Stimulus Money for Schools Should Go Towards Connectivity

Why E-Rate and Stimulus Money for Schools Should Go Towards Connectivity

It is an understatement to say that schools are facing immense challenges right now. One of these challenges is ensuring that all students can stay connected, whether at home or on-campus. Let’s look at why available stimulus money for schools should go toward connectivity.

E-Rate Stimulus for Schools ConnectivityStimulus Money for Schools – An Opportunity to Connect

About one-third of households with school-age children and annual incomes below $30,000 per year don’t have high-speed internet access at home, according to the Pew Research Center. High-speed internet is essential for accessing the educational applications and programs students use to complete homework. Even when schools are conducting in-person instruction, there’s homework that often needs to be done online, especially in upper grades.

Students without that access fall behind on their homework. This homework gap leads to poorer grades since they’re not getting credit for their homework. This also means those students aren’t getting the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in class or uncover areas where they may need assistance.

This leads to an achievement gap, where students with resources are better able to keep up, while students who don’t have these resources slip further and further behind.

E-Rate funding and stimulus money for schools provides an opportunity to start closing that gap. High-speed wireless internet access allows students to complete homework before and after school, during lunch, and during study periods. It gives them access to the resources they need to succeed.


Funding Wireless Internet Access

E-Rate funding can be used to install or improve wireless internet access. Similarly, funding from the also allows funds to be used to purchase educational technology, including wireless connectivity.

Applying for and allocating these funds for wireless connectivity is an investment in your students. You want to be sure those funds are being well-used. Cisco Meraki wireless technology offers secure, easy-to-configure wireless access. It can be managed easily by lean IT teams and handle the heavy traffic demands of today’s schools.


Working With a Provider

Many schools choose to partner with an expert when allocating funds to new school technology to make sure they maximize the positive impact of their funding. 2NDGEAR is an experienced E-Rate service provider. We can help ensure your application is successful and help you optimize your funding.

Ready to learn more about the difference 2NDGEAR and Cisco Meraki technology can make in your school? Download our guide to using E-Rate funding today.

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