4 Techie Reads For Your Next Business Trip

4 Techie Reads For Your Next Business Trip


Next time you’ve got a long layover or a weekday business trip, take one of these inspiring reads with you! Each one offers a fresh perspective on the world of technology, how we measure business success, and the possibilities the future holds. 10reasons_footer_900x485

  1. Paper: Paging Through History by Mark Kurlansky, 2016 

    This book starts with the most humble and deceivingly simple technology: paper. Kurlansky, an American journalist and essayist, traces the history of paper throughout time—across art, commerce, media, education, literacy, religion and more. We talk constantly in the digital age about going paperless. Can we possibly leave a rich history, and its richer details, behind? As the world keeps evolving, this history of paper does, too. This interesting, strange, insightful book is worth reading if only to imagine where that history will go next.

  2. STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson, 2011 

    It’s no surprise that this acclaimed biography of the infamous inventor, thinker, and designer—Steve Jobs—makes it onto our list. There is so much more than biography here, as Isaacson tells the history of a man whose impact on the technological, business, and design worlds continues to amaze, even after his untimely death.Whether you’re looking for inspiration or an enthralling read for your next long flight, this book has much to offer.

  3. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, 2008  

    What makes the most successful people in the world different from everyone else? Malcolm Gladwell, who frequently writes for The New Yorker, breaks apart the idea of success to show that it’s nowhere near as simple as it seems. Instead, he continually illustrates how success can be measured in the most unexpected ways. It’s worth reading Outliers to find out how—and let it inspire your own definition of success. 

  4. The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly, 2016  

    This nonfiction book takes a cue from the world’s best science fiction as Kevin Kelly pitches what he believes will be the life-changing and world-altering technologies of the next 30 years. Kelly, the founding executive of Wired magazine, takes on some of the most pressing questions facing our digital revolution. And while you’re waiting for your copy to download or ship, you can watch Kelly’s TedTalk that explores why artificial intelligence might trigger a second Industrial Revolution.

Watch it here, or check out the embedded video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjbTiRbeNpM


Have you read any of these books or authors? Have another recommendation you’d like us to feature? Share your ideas in the comments below, or email us at info@2NDGEAR.com!

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