Global Outsourcer Ramps Up International Call Center Operations in 30 Days

Global Outsourcer Ramps Up International Call Center Operations in 30 Days

2NDGEAR Delivers Operator Equipment for Call Center on Time with 50% Cost Savings

Business Processing Outsourcers (BPOs) that specialize in providing its clients call center services must work very quickly to launch those services. To set up a new call center on short order, BPOs need strong partners to help bring together all the equipment and other components needed for a fully operational facility.



A leading BPO with more than 100,000 employees in approximately 150 locations around the globe, needed to fulfill large volumes of call center operator equipment on a regular and frequent basis to meet customer demand. As such, the company had been working with a supplier of new, brand name computers, phones and related office communications products. However, the supplier was struggling to get the equipment shipped to the BPO firm’s new call centers quickly enough to meet operational timelines, and often was creating multiple shipments from different sources.

The firm’s customers typically require new call centers to begin operating within 30 days, however, it found that getting equipment to various international locations such as Canada, the Philippines, and Latin America would often take much longer than a month with its current supplier. So, when the company anticipated the opening of its next center in the Philippines, it set out to find a faster and more efficient solution.



2NDGEAR engaged with the BPO firm to offer a consolidated and streamlined shipping solution that would not only ensure that deliveries would arrive swiftly and smoothly on time to its newest location in the Philippines, but that would provide significant cost savings on the equipment.

2NDGEAR’s solution included enterprise-grade refurbished, like new PCs, monitors and desk phones that offered comparable performance levels to new retail products. 2NDGEAR also delivered additional items including cabling and peripherals such as thumb drives. This comprehensive package including support provided everything needed to outfit the new call center facility so that it was ready for the new employees in a very short timeframe.



Because of 2NDGEAR’s fast and efficient service, the BPO firm was able to take advantage of the strong labor market and open its latest 500 person call center within 30 days in the Philippines.

2NDGEAR provided everything needed for the customer service desks, from PCs, monitors, and handset phones, to cabling and peripherals. 2NDGEAR leveraged its manufacturer relationships and expert refurbishing technicians to deliver high quality, enterprise-grade, fully supported products from top brands such as Avaya, Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. The result was a 50% savings over new equipment.

To date, 2NDGEAR has provided approximately 10,000 systems per year to help the BPO firm get new call centers up and running in multiple locations around the globe. Saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment cost and productivity expense has been an important component of its success. 2NDGEAR has also proven to be a valuable partner in providing both guidance and support. Advising the firm to standardize on a select number of models across geographies, saved significant time and money, allowing the firm to be nimble, achieve its goals and serve its customers better.


Are you looking to get a call center up and running on a tight timeline? Contact 2NDGEAR today to learn about its experience and unique advantages including its:

  • Fast, on-time delivery to domestic and international locations
  • Ability to deliver large quantities in one streamlined shipment
  • Consistent product models
  • Custom computers, built to specifications
  • Quality enterprise-grade refurbished equipment with warranties
  • Reputable company

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