Beat Black Friday with Better Tech

Beat Black Friday with Better Tech

As Rick Broida has pointed out over at CNN, it seems more and more like “every day is Black Friday.”

It’s so easy to get swept away in the hype of holiday shopping: TVs, gaming systems, computers, phones. All the shiniest and newest technology seems to be the best possible price on Black Friday.

But is it?Shopping and Mobile Phones

Broida’s research shows that Black Friday rarely delivers a better deal than you could get at any other time or sale throughout the year. His best advice:

“Start with price-history site Camelcamelcamel, which shows you the historical highs and lows for just about every product Amazon sells. Even if you’re shopping elsewhere, you can use this to determine if a Black Friday price is really an “all-time low” or just plain “low.””

Before you give up your weekend—a time perhaps more ideally spent with loved ones than in line at a box store—take a look at your wants, needs, and hopes for the New Year. Why not invest in a smart, tested product that won’t break the bank no matter what day you decide to purchase?

Laptop SaleSometimes, tech for good leads us to discussions of life-changing medical breakthroughs or fascinating implementations of humanitarian aid through smarter technologies. But tech for good can also be about the individual good we can all make possible from shopping smarter. Maybe instead of those shiny new gadgets popping up all over your newsfeed, you can give recycled gear a try? Before spending your holiday in line at the store, take a look at the lifelong savings, and lessened environmental impacts, of a refurbished laptop or desktop.

We all love a little indulgence around the holidays. A splurge here or there is part of the fun! But before you set your alarms and stand in line, consider the time and cash you’ll save while investing in tech for good.

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